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Sports Pitches

Our nationwide operations aim to provide a complete design, construction and drainage installation service for both new projects and existing facilities, on a wide range of sportsturf and amenity areas.

Primary Drainage Systems installed to individual design Primary drainage systems installed to individual design for the efficient removal of surplus water. Primary Drainage Systems installed to individual design
Specialist backfilling equipment Specialist backfilling equipment and experienced operatives ensure clean and efficient placement of all backfill materials.

Benefits of good drainage include:

  • Extended use of sports facility
  • Improved sward development
  • More timely maintenance
  • Improve drought susceptibility
Secondary drainage such as sandsilting or sandbanding is usually installed to compliment a primary drainage system. It can be installed at the same time as a new primary drainage system or introduced at a later date.

Often secondary drainage is installed to rejuvenate existing pipe drainage systems which have become capped over.


Sports turf renovation

Sportsturf Renovation Services Include:

Vertidraining Turf Conditioner
Overseeding Earthquake
Topdressing Koro Field Topmaker
Groundbreaker Scarifier
Sportsturf renovation
Secondary drainage maintenance Most secondary draingage systems rely on regular maintenance, and will normally require topping-up and heavy topdressing with approved sand. Topdressing with approved sand

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